Pivo & Burger Festival to Return on May 21

The 8th annual Beer and Burger (‘Pivo a Burger’) Festival will return to Karlínské náměstí on May 21, from 11 am.

A total of 25 burger stands will be operating throughout the day, including many of the Czech favorite food trucks and burger joints.

You can taste burgers from several Karlin restaurants but also some of Prague’s highest-rated burgers, like, Kaiser FranzHell SmokeTake Eat EzDiego Pivni BarZelva, and many others.

You can find the full list of participants here.

The best domestic breweries will also offer bottom-fermented beers: 23 craft brewers from Prague and across the Czech Republic, including favorites like Matuška, Clock, Raven, Albrecht, and many more, with over 100 beers on offer.

Admission to the event is free. However, to taste beers, it is necessary to buy a tasting glass for CZK 100.

Visitors can also have a bowl of soup from Karlín Polévkárna or a glass of wine from the Kubík winery, churros and coffee from the FairBio roastery. Live music will be provided by SCHODISTE and IGLÚ and DJ Jakobeen.

Another news of this edition will be the busker stage, where basically everyone can play.

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