The New Private Ping-Pong Game Room Next to the Charles Bridge

ping pong prague

It’s not always easy to find new things to do in Prague. Hiding in plain sight, though, just a few steps from the Charles Bridge on a charming little alleyway, is Ping Pong Point—the only establishment bringing casual table tennis to the masses in Prague.

It’s an unassuming storefront, but inside is a lovely, casual hang-out spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a professional standard pin pong table and everything needed to get started.

Petr and his business partner Stan grew up playing ping pong. But when they came to Prague for business, they found a severe lack of available tables. They’d searched for places to play, but not wanting to play in a gym, they came up totally empty.

Foosball dominated the bars, and even then, game tables were slowly being replaced by seating areas to accommodate more crowds. What used to be a European bar staple had totally disappeared. During COVID, though, Petr saw an opportunity when a storefront became available next door to him. He knew that he could use the space to create a novel space for the community to gather.

Ping Pong Point is perfectly positioned next to a restaurant, and Petr encourages people to get drinks next door and bring them inside.

It helps add to the casual, fun environment. Colorful lights, a high-quality sound system, numerous comfortable places to sit and state-of-the-art soundproofing all help to create a welcoming, easygoing, conversational vibe for friends and strangers alike.

Coming into the business with a wealth of experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry, Petr is not in it for profit.

He’s “not trying to earn millions.” Instead, he’s creating a space for members of the community—specifically, Mala Strana locals—to have fun and enjoy a great game. Moreover, it’s “nice to remember my childhood,” he said, recalling how important the game had been for him and his friends growing up in a small Czech village.

He’s hoping to revive the ping pong world in Czechia—after all, Czechs were formerly dominant on the world table tennis stage—one table at a time. It’s a great sport—social, easy to get started, and cheap. Hopefully, it takes off in Prague.

Ping Pong Point is in Mala Strana, and the space can be rented for 500 crowns/hour, making it affordable not just for tourists. Parties and other events can also be held in the space.

Plans for a membership deal are already in the works, given the amount of repeat customers already frequenting the space.

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