Rent a Piano in Prague for Only a Few Hundred Crowns per Month

piano rental prague

For just a few hundred crowns a month, you can borrow a piano for your home from the Czech Music Fund.

The service is intended for those for whom the purchase of the instrument would be too expensive, for example for parents of piano players who had just begun practice.

The fund also provides transport and tuning of instruments, it is possible to borrow the piano for your home, for school, for a celebration, a concert, or even for a cafe. The piano rental recently re-opened in Radlice (Prague 5) after some updates and reconstruction.

The Czech Music Fund also has branches in Brno, Ostrava, and Lanškroun. The instruments are taken care of by professionals who provide all kinds of services.

In the reopened Prague rental shop, you can test all pianos and choose the one that can stay in your home, school, or café for several years. There are 40 instruments available.

Thanks to its long history, the Czech Music Fund has many assets at its disposal, which allow to renovate pianos and purchase new ones by buying from private sellers or orchestras.

At a time when elementary art schools were closed due to government measures against the spread of COVID-19, pianos were being returned back, but, otherwise, the interest in piano rentals has always been at a constant.

The fund offers the possibility of renting from six months to an indefinite period. The rental fee is from 350 to 800 crowns per month.

The Czech Music Fund was one of six cultural funds established by the state in 1954. Five years after the Velvet Revolution, the enterprise passed to the Czech Music Fund Foundation, which then established a non-profit company in the late 1990s.

Since then, the fund has been providing services related to musical activity. In addition to instruments, it lends musical materials for concert performances or for study purposes.


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