Petřín Tower to Light Up Gold in Honour of Karel Gott

Following Karel’s Gott death on October 1st, Prague’s Petřín Tower will probably lit up in gold during the Signal Festival 2019.

The seventh edition of the festival will offer 18 light installations, six gallery zones and will take place from October 10 to 13.

The Czech public can say farewell Karel Gott in Prague’s Žofín Palace on Friday, October 11, and a commemorative mass will be celebrated for invited guests in St Vitus Cathedral one day later.

“We offered the family to light up the Petřín Tower in gold in memory of Karel Gott, and we are currently waiting for an answer,” said the Prague Mayor Hřib.

Mr. Hřib said that a street or other public area in the city could be named after the Czech singer. “It should be something in connection to music”, he added. The authorities in Prague 5, where Karel Gott lived, have also discussed honouring him in this manner.

The special lighting was not a first-time event. On public holidays and other important dates, the tower has also been lit up in red, white, and blue after the Czech Republic flag.

During the past two years, the tower has been lit in green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

However, not everyone agrees with the lighting. The Prague Conservation Reserve issued a statement asserting that the illumination should only be granted for national holidays and “extraordinarily” important days.

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