PES Score Increased by Seven Points. The Czech Republic is Back to the Fourth Level

The Czech Ministry of Health said that the PES risk score increased by seven points, from 57 to 64.

As reports, this number corresponds to the fourth level in the coronavirus emergency system.

The government could be forced to tighten the preventive measures if this number does not decrease in the next three days.

“The increase was due to two factors: an increase in the share of positive cases and especially an increase in the reproductive number above one,” added the Ministry of Health.

On Sunday, there were 3,308 confirmed new coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic, 641 more than a week ago, Ministry of Health data show.

The PES is calculated from the reproduction number (now at 1.02), the rate of positive test results over the past seven days, the total number of cases, and those among seniors.

The new data changed the scores in several regions. For example, in the Ústí region it rose from 69 to 76 points. The decrease is recorded in the Vysočina region, where the score decreased from 62 to 57.

The index in the Moravian-Silesian Region remained the same as on Saturday at 66. The same score is registered in the Olomouc Region (73), and in the Liberec Region (71).

After curbing one of Europe’s fastest spreads of coronavirus, and despite fears the re-opening could lead to a surge of infections, the Czech government cooped up for weeks headed eagerly out to shops, hairdressers, restaurants, and pubs allowed to open with capacity requirements this week.

There are currently over 60,000 infected people in the country, 4,436 of them are in hospital. 8838 people have died so far.

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