People of Naples Are Leaving Out Food Baskets For The Needy

Translated, the message on the basket reads, “if you can, put something inside. If you can’t, take something”. Turns out, the gesture is actually an ancient tradition and the baskets are known as ‘Panaro Solidale’ in Italian.

From balconies above side streets in the city of Naples, baskets are being lowered containing essentials. These ‘baskets of solidarity’ provide a clever way to give and receive food while following the social distancing regulations that are in force.

With economies around the world taking unprecedented hits from the COVID-19 emergency, many are losing their income and are needing to turn to their community for support.

“We are all in the same boat and we must row in the same direction,” said Angelo Picone from his balcony in the old town. A donor and organizer of the solidarity basket initiative, he said Italians, and particularly Neopolitans,” are reacting in an amazing way” to the crisis.

This act of benevolence has been considered as a lesson to follow for all the people from other countries. Some expressed that they will also try to trace the footsteps of the good people of Naples.

“Naples has one of the kindest and generous people I have ever met,” writes a Twitter user. “I wish the very best for the people of Italy!! & for all the people around the world too,” comments another. “Humanity still exists,” says a third.


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Il Panaro della solidarietà, in solitudine. Questa è una delle tante forme di solidarietà che sono nate in città per aiutare chi ha bisogno. In un centro storico vuoto, lui sta lí, appeso ad una corda a prendere e a dare. Un’iniziativa che rispecchia il senso pratico della nostra tradizione. Quarantena: 3rza settimana. . #viencumme #vienicumme #solidarieta #diamociunamano #iorestoacasa #napoli #panaro #solitudine #loneliness #need #quarantine #cuarentena #quarantenacreativa #colours #street #streetphotography #photography #mobilephotography #covid19 #domingo #napoli_photogroup #napolidavivere #whatnaplesis #ioscatto_napoli #napoli_foto #napoligram #igersnapoli #resistiamoinsieme #panarosolidale

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