Pekařství M. Černý – Legendary Czech Cookies

The bigger the city is, the more possibilities of any kind it offers. What is most wonderful about it is that you have so many choices, but no one would want to miss the unique bakery on Klapkova street, Prague 8-Kobylisy.

This place that’s just a few square meters is never empty, and people know why the best: the real homemade cookies made following typical Czech recipes let Czechs (and Slovaks) return to their sweet childhood with their skilled grandmas.

Every day, they have more than a dozen cookies in limited numbers. So, the golden rule is: don’t come too late! If you come after 16:00, there might be nothing left for you. The ideal time to come is between 12:00 and 14:00.

Some sorts of cookies are delivered around noon, for example, the moravský koláč (Moravian cookie). Round and heavy, this sourdough cookie with cottage cheese is number one.

It is very easy to be addicted to this place. Some people have rituals of coming here every day, although the bakery is open only on working days. They also have a few gluten-free products, but they tell you honestly that they could also be, unfortunately, “contaminated”.

The rest of their assortment includes homemade pastries of various types, several types of bread, organic juices, honey, and other healthy products.

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