Pastrami Pop-Up Festival to Take Place in Holešovice

The Pastrami Pop-Up will take over the corridor at Hall 22 in Holešovice on 4 May from 11am to 9pm.

Visitors’ taste buds will be taken care of by the leaders of the Prague gastro scene, who will offer not only this famous meat sandwich.

All festival delicacies will be washed down with beer from small breweries, a selection of quality wines and cocktails.

The program features also Tea Jay Ivo and DJ Gadjo who will lighten up the atmosphere with live music.

Pastrami is a sandwich prepared from beef, most commonly beef brisket. The meat is marinated for several days in a salt solution and a secret spice blend. It is then smoked, boiled, and thinly sliced.

Traditionally, this meat delicacy is eaten with bread, paired with pickled cucumber and mustard, sometimes with sauerkraut. Pastrami has a long history in Romanian cuisine, with the word pastrami derived from the phrase ‘a păstra’ – to preserve.

Pastrami sandwiches will be provided by:

  • BigSmokers
  • Meat Vandals
  • Take Eat EZ
  • Vinograf
  • SLOW Cafe

Drinks, wine and beer:

  • MOVE Bar
  • Vinograf
  • Pivo Falkon

Coffee and sweets:

  • SLOW Cafe
  • GULEFOD Truck
  • Holy Flat White

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