Over 70% of Newly-Detected COVID-19 Infections are Among Unvaccinated

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According to a detailed analysis by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, Wednesday’s new infection statistics show that from 14,539 positive tests recorded the day prior, 70.8 percent were unvaccinated, while 27.1 percent were fully-vaccinated.

According to the Ministry of Health, 14,539 more cases were confirmed Tuesday,  10,299 of which were unvaccinated.

There were 3,942 infected people with complete vaccination and 298 of the newly-infected received only the first dose.

In people over the age of 65 who represent a risk group, infection was confirmed in 1,344 cases on Tuesday, making up about nine percent of all new cases. The unvaccinated in this age group represent a third.

Seniors represent the most vaccinated group. Because they were the first to receive the vaccine and their immune systems are not in the same condition as the younger ones, many of them are no longer protected by the vaccine.

On Tuesday, of the alarming number of new infections, 71% are unvaccinated.

The average weekly incidence per 100,000 people is currently 558 confirmed cases nationwide.

However, in the Olomouc Region, it is approaching 883 cases. In the Moravian-Silesian Region, it is at 727 cases while the South Moravian Region reports 723 cases.

Authorities said all medical personnel in hospitals, nursing and pensioner homes will have to get tested on a weekly basis if they’re not vaccinated.

All foreigners living legally in the country will be offered vaccination free of charge, Health Minister Adam Vojtech said.

Latest statistics

Czech authorities recorded 14,539 new COVID-19 infections on Tuesday, the highest daily tally since mid-March and close to all-time highs seen in January, health ministry data showed, as a vaccinations campaign started.

The figure is almost 50 percent higher than that recorded on the same day last week.

It also represents an increase of around 5,000 on Monday and is the largest rise seen so far in the Covid wave currently hitting the Czech Republic.


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