Over 6,000 Flats to be Built Near the Stations of the New Prague Metro Line

Around the stations of the new metro line D between Prague’s Pankrác and Písnice along with around 6,200 new apartments and a number of commercial, administrative or public buildings will be built in municipal and private projects in the next few years, representatives of the city told the press today.

The largest new district is to grow near Nové Dvory station, where about 5,000 will be able to reside in about 2,400 apartments.

Construction of the D line began in April. The section of the new line from Pankrác to Olbrachtova Street was the first to be built.

It includes two stations, where the Pankrác station will transfer to the current station of the same name on line C. The connecting section will connect Olbrachtova with Nový Dvory and another will lead to Písnice.

The metro from Pankrác to Písnice should be completed in 2029, after which the city is also counting on a section heading north
from Pankrác to Náměstí Míru.

According to information from the city, development is planned on vacant plots around the new stations Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč, Nové Dvory, Libuš and Písnice.

The current Krč railway station will be demolished and a new building will be built in its place. According to the city’s information, construction around the station should begin in 2025 and should be completed by 2030.

A new polyclinic should then be built at the Krč hospital and a multi-functional building behind Vídeňská street, which will also
house the metro lobby and which Reflecta Development is also planning to build.

Further to the west, the Central Group company is planning a new district, about 1,400 apartments are to be built there.

Construction could begin in 2025 and construction on the site could be completed seven years later.

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