Over 50 Injured and 2 Dead in Fire at Alzheimer Home in the North of Prague

A fire broke out Wednesday evening at a nursing home that takes care of people suffering from Alzheimer disease in the Czech Republic, injuring more than 50.

The regional rescue service said ladders were used to evacuate 56 patients from the home in Roztoky, a town just north of Prague. A total of 54 were injured, the rescuers said.

“Firefighters, unfortunately, found two people dead,” said a spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian rescue service. “Two people are in critical condition, other two have moderate injuries, 51 minor injuries,” said Monika Nováková, a spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian Rescue Medical Service.

Nearly 100 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire and evacuate the home’s clients.

The fire broke out on Wednesday evening. At around 4 am on Thursday morning, firefighters managed to get the blaze under control.

According to a very rough preliminary estimate, the fire caused about CZK 70 million of damage. The cause of the fire is not yet known.


Rescue operation

Photos showed flames coming from the attic of the building. The residents had to be rescued from their rooms through windows using ladders. Several were bedridden or not mobile.

Rescue forces were on the scene with a large contingent, including two helicopters and a large-capacity ambulance.

According to its website, the nursing home specialises in the care of dementia patients, including those with Alzheimer’s disease.


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