Over 10 Million Foreign Tourists Visited the Czech Republic Last Year

Nearly 7.9 million guests stayed in Prague last year, which is 3.2 percent more than the number of visitors in 2017.

The number of tourists from outside the Czech Republic who came to the capital for the whole year was 6.67 million. However, visitors from the Czech Republic also added to the numbers significantly, by 12%, while the number of visitors from abroad increased by only 1.7%.

Last year, the number of nights spent at Prague’s accommodation facilities reached almost 18.26 million, which is 1.1 percent more than last year. The overnight stays of foreign tourists were overwhelming – over 16 million, the rest being home-grown. While the number of foreigners stagnated, the number of overnight stays for Czech tourists increased by almost one tenth.

The number of tourists in the latter half of the year, which also falls in the Christmas season and the end of the year, increased by 4.2 percent year-on-year. More than two million people arrived in the capital in the last three months of the year, including 1.67 million foreign guests. Overnight stays increased by 0.6 percent, with foreign tourists dropping by 1.2 percent, while Czech visitors to the metropolis grew by almost 14 percent.

Hoteliers not only in Prague complain about shared accommodation through Airbnb applications and demand short-stay accommodation. The Prague City Council is working with Airbnb to cooperate in exchanging information, and also that the charging of accommodation fees instead of self-government was selected by the company itself and then handed over.

Over time, this solution could be related to other similar services. Short-term accommodation in the metropolis is subject to criticism for disturbance of order, non-compliance with the rules of the owners of dwellings or impact on the housing market.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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