Ostrava Has the First Electric Charging System

The first electric bus network in Ostrava has received an all-electric fast-charging system.

Ostrava is dedicated to reducing the amount of harmful emissions in Czech Republic, switching to all-electric buses with the goal to put diesel-powered buses out of operation.

The introduction of electric buses to the existing infrastructure demands a network of charging stations, and Ekova Electric, a supplier of intelligent solutions for public transport, has chosen Heliox to be the fast-charging partner.

The Heliox OC 450 kW charger utilizes a pantograph and ensures maximum availability as the charging takes just a couple of minutes. The provided automated coupler device (ACD) system is an inverted pantograph solution where an infrared signal initiates the charge session.

As this is the first deployment of electric buses in Ostrava, additional charging cabinets and charge masts may be added in the future. This type of flexibility creates a future-proof solution that is fully-scalable and expandable.

To this day, Heliox has charged more than 430 electric buses globally to optimize the reduction of harmful emissions and lessen the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

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