Orlando Bloom is the New Brand Ambassador for Prague Beer Staropramen

Orlando Bloom, the Hollywood star who lived in Prague for years during the filming of Amazon’s Carnival Row, apparently became a big fan of Czech beer in that time.

Bloom has recently signed up to become the new brand ambassador for the Prague-based brewery, Staropramen.

He will be the face of the new Staropramen TV commercial and social media campaign throughout Europe, set to launch later this year.

“I’m happy to be representing such a quality product like Staropramen,” the actor states through a press release. “I think it’s important to partner with brands that practice what they preach. The team at Staropramen talk about quality and expertise a lot and, when it comes down to it, this is a great-tasting beer, brewed by some incredibly talented people.”

The announcement of Bloom as its new ambassador comes after the expansion of the brand worldwide, including markets in Europe and Asia. Staropramen has been catering to a discerning audience for well over a century, which speaks to the high quality of their beer.

The company also launched their zero-alcohol beer Staropramen 0.0 earlier this year in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other European markets. Parent company Molson Coors is seeking further market penetration for the Czech brand with Bloom as its ambassador.

The new advert starring Bloom was filmed in Prague as part of Staropramen’s “Brewed by Experts, for Experts” campaign, which launched worldwide last year.

“Orlando is the perfect partner for Staropramen – he is a master of his trade, just like our brew masters, and has a special affinity with Prague having lived and worked there for several years.”

The new advert reportedly features Bloom in some of Prague’s most famous locations before he discovers the secrets of Staropramen at the brewery itself in the city’s Smíchov neighborhood.

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