‘Orel and Friends’: Where You Can Get Czech Craft

Orel and friends is a space dedicated to Czech craft, located in the historical area of Malá strana in Prague, in the Nerudova street. This space is somewhere between a souvenir shop, an art gallery and a concept store.

You will find there a unique selection coming from around 30 local artists: ceramics, wooden toys, jewelry, leather books, photos, notebooks, posters, handbags. Some of the goods were specially designed for us in close cooperation with the artists.

Behind Orel and friends there’s Stéphane Corbet, a French living in Prague for 17 years. He personally selected the work of around 30 artists.

Why Orel and friends?

Orel means eagle in Czech language. The shop is located in the house of the red eagle. “In Prague there are only four houses with such a name. Hazard? Destiny? Call it as you want but I had no other choice than to associate the eagle to my project which I did through the name Orel and friends as well as in the logo,” said Stéphane.

“The most personal part of the project is that I am as well proposing my photos of Czech hiking trail markers as well as some goods imagined and designed with this thematic : lamps, ceramic pots, posters. Hiking trail is a part of Czech in heritage and hiking trail markers are everywhere in the landscape and inspired me this photographic project which contributes to make of Orel and friends a special place. Besides I do believe there is a strong connection between hiking and craft,” he added.

Practical info

  • Address: Nerudova 6 – 118 00 Prague
  • Opened – Monday – Sunday – 10h-18h
  • Contact: Stéphane Corbet – +420 603 291 884 – stefcorbe@gmail.com

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