Open House: You Can Visit 65 Buildings For FREE!

The fourth edition of Open House Praha will take place May 19–20, and allow people to see inside more than 65 buildings, and spaces not usually open to the public. 

It will be possible to visit places with exceptional interiors, interesting history and unusual views of Prague usually closed to the public.

This year 24 buildings participate at the event for the first time. Those of you who are interested in the history must see Palace Ericson at Old Town or Governor´s Summer Palace which history date back to the Middle Ages. If you prefer architectural pieces from the period between WW1 and WW2, organizers of the event recommend you to see the tenement house by architect Kamil Roškot.

There is no entrance fee. You should registrate just in the case you are planning to visit Main Point Karlín. (This registration will be possible from May 10, 12.00).

Maps and other information will be available at the event’s info center. There is also a free app for Android and iOS available. 

More information here 

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