Online Supermarket Rohlí Expands to Hungary

Rohlí has opened up a new online food store in Hungary.

According to the owner of the company Tomáš Čupr, the Hungarian market is similar to the Czech one. “There are big brands in Hungary, but they don’t offer such a fast service. Tesco, Spar, and Auchan offer only a next day delivery,” Čupr added.

The e-shop will also embrace the Hungarian wine tradition as it plans to cooperate with local producers.

Hungary is the first international market is breaking into. „The local competition only delivers orders on the following day. We deliver the goods within three hours of customers placing their order. In the Czech Republic, we offer a two-hour delivery, but Budapest is big and traffic jams are a common occurrence,“ said Jana Posseltová, Supply Chain Manager.

Rohlí e-shop will also introduce the Marks & Spencer food brand to Hungary. “It will be interesting to test the entrance of the brand to the market as there are no Marks & Spencer stores in Hungary,” said Čupr, adding that in the future, the e-shop would also like to deliver Marks & Spencer fresh food.

Rohlí is currently active in seven Czech cities and has served over 1 million customers.

In 2018 the sales of showed an annual increase of 62 per cent, reaching 2.4 billion Czech crowns, and the company made a profit for the first time in history.

In order to allow small producers to participate with ease, has been offering Roger’s service called Platba to its suppliers since this autumn. Thanks to this service,’s business partners can now shorten their invoice due dates from 30 to 3 days.

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