Online Petition Signed by Hundreds Against Hatred for Russians

Russians are not Putin. Signatures are being collected in a petition in the Czech Republic against hatred of Russians due to the upheaval of the ongoing war with Ukraine. 

The petition says the following:

“What is happening is incomprehensible: it is inhuman and hurts ordinary people. Everyone, please remember, the Russian people are NOT Putin.”

“The people are not to blame for anything. We support the Ukrainians, we help them, but we forget that millions of Russians suffer from what Putin is doing. They have no voice, they have no support, they have no confidence in the future – they are hated by everyone. Russians who oppose the government face 20 years in prison.

The victims of the regime are trying to leave Russia for the Czech Republic, where they will not be able to obtain a residence permit. My colleagues, wonderful people, are afraid of what will happen tomorrow. They only hope that they can leave the country: they feel guilty and unworthy, but it is not their fault!

Please understand that Russians are victims of circumstance, let’s help those who want to leave the country instead of showing that the West is against them. Let’s not let history repeat itself; just as we don’t associate Hitler with the Germans today, let’s not associate Putin with the Russians. Be human and accept those who suffer – both Russians and Ukrainians.”

Latest developments

The Czech Republic will end its membership in the International Investment Bank (IIB) and the International Development Cooperation Bank (MBHS), the government decided on Wednesday.

The Czech Republic has decided to close its Czech House, the largest property owned by the country abroad, in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine and to protect Czech citizens in Russia.

The carmaker Skoda Auto is suspending all its activities in Russia. It will suspend production at its plants in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod, and will stop exporting cars to the country. Russia is a significant export destination and was Skoda’s second-largest market in 2021 with over 90,000 vehicles sold in the country.

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