Official: President Zeman to Appoint Petr Fiala as New Prime Minister

petr fiala new prime minister

In an interview with Radio Frekvence 1 on Friday, President Miloš Zeman confirmed that he will appoint Petr Fiala (ODS) as Prime Minister.

According to him, he will do everything to ensure that a new government is formed as soon as possible.

Mr. Zeman was moved from an intensive care unit after more than three weeks of treatment to a standard hospital room on Thursday after his condition improved.

Zeman, 77, was taken to hospital with an unknown condition on October 10, a day after the central European country held an election that his ally Prime Minister Andrej Babis lost to a group of opposition parties.

The newly-elected lower house is due to meet on November 8 in a session that will initiate the transfer of power.

Once its opening session is concluded, the current government of Prime Minister Andrej Babis will be obliged to resign and the president is due to appoint a new prime minister.

The five centrist and center-right parties that won 108 seats on the 200-seat lower house in the election have reached an agreement on forming a new government.

The two blocs have agreed that Spolu nominees will serve as the ministers of finance, defense, labor, transport, health, justice, agriculture, environment, arts and science, research and innovation.

PirStan will receive the interior, industry, education, regional development, foreign affairs, legislation and European affairs briefs.


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