October 31: Charity Halloween Event

International Schools of Prague will celebrate Halloween 2019 in Sacre Couer church. The event is open to all high school/upper school students ONLY.

It’s organized by parents from ISP, PBIS, EISP, Riverside and other International Schools and will take place at Sacre Coeur Church, one of Prague’s epic event locations, (Holeckova 29, Prague 5, near Novy Smichov).

Students will have the unique chance to meet classmates from other schools, and celebrate Halloween American style.

Leave the trick or treating for the kids and dance to a live DJ, best costume contest with amazing prizes to Prague’s coolest entertainment attractions like GOLEM VR at Hamley’s, HOP ARENA, The Chamber Horror House and many more. Plus, all food and drink included.

This is a nonprofit event and proceeds go to TRF.org, a charity foundation Now supporting families in the Czech Republic.

Tickets are on sale now here

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