O2 Now Offers 100 GB of Data for CZK 300 per Month (With Some Conditions)

A mobile plan tends to be one of those things we just set and forget, at least until it’s time for a new phone. It shouldn’t be though. New deals and discounts hit the market every week and savvy shoppers playing the field are getting more for less.

O2 has announced a new plan where you get 100GB of data for only CZK 300 per month.

The offer associated with a prepaid card is more advantageous than data packages with the current FREE + tariffs plan, which have a maximum of 60 GB of data together with unlimited calls and SMS for CZK 1,249 per month.

The prepaid card offers also significantly cheaper internet connection than special data tariffs for tablets and computers (the O2 Data + Stříbrný includes 30 GB of data for CZK 649 per month).

Now the bad part:

  • Internet data does not work abroad (not even in the EU).
  • Other services are quite expensive. SMS costs CZK 2.
  • The offer is limited. The card can only be purchased until the end of August 2020. Only three prepaid cards can be ordered in one time
  • The data package is activated automatically, and cannot be switched off “manually”.

The card can be purchased only on the new e-shop www.datamanie.cz.


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