Around 30 Communists Commemorated Labour Day in Prague

Around three dozen communists commemorated Labour Day this morning on Střelecký Island. The president and vice-president of the Prague Communist Party, Marta Semelová and Petr Šimůnek, spoke briefly at the memorial plaque – recollecting the events of the 1st Labour Day celebration on May 1, 1890.

On the other hand, counter-protesters also showed up at the scene, equipped with banners with slogans saying “Communist Party of Pure Evil” and “Totalitarianism Never Again!”.

However, the protest was relatively peaceful, even with the anti-Communist messages.

In other related events, the Communists party in Brno on Moravské náměstí, called on the general public to vote left in the parliamentary elections in Fall. There were about 100 members on the scene and a no-show from any opposing parties.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, attendees were obliged to gather in small numbers and did not celebrate their traditional May Day events.

Party Chairman, Vojtěch Filip, advised districts to organize Labour Day celebrations that are tailored to social distancing obligations. He advised setting up events such as promenade concerts, where the general public will just walk by, and communist party members will be able to distribute promotional materials to them without extended close-range contact.

The party members delivered speeches, which lasted about half an hour overall. At the end of their program, they played the International Communist Anthem, followed by the Czech national anthem.

Moreover, at 1 pm today, an anti-government demonstration with up to 1,000 people took place in Letná. Afterward, a procession to promote civil liberties is to take place in Klárov at 2:30 p.m.

Additionally, the Pes Initiative invites citizens to take a walk from the Újezd cable car station to the Petřín stop. It will serve as a protest against the government’s approach to tackling the pandemic.

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