Number of Jedi Knights in Czech Republic Increase

The force is strong in the Czech Republic. According to the census which was taken by the general public last year, the number of Jedi Knights has increased in the Czech Republic. 

Some more information that can now be found in the current census include: the average age in the Czech Republic is 42.7, meaning that the population has become 1.7 years older on average since the last census which was conducted in 2011. 

It is also found that four of the fourteen districts are populated by almost half the population, including Prague, the capital city.

The Czech Republic is also found to have 4.7% of foreigners living in the country, with the most popular citizenships being Slovakian, Vietnamese and Ukrainian.

The most surprising statistic which was presented at a press conference last week when the results were announced, were the increasing number of those who identify as Jedi Knights – the heroes which are globally known in Star Wars.

The number has increased by around 5%, bringing the total to 21,023 of those identifying as Jedi Knights in 2021. 

There is a Jedipedia fan page, which explains that those who identify as Jedists “understand the power they serve as omnipresent karmic energy”. They also view it as their task to keep peace and harmony in their environment

In comparison, there are a total of 516 people in the Czech Republic who feel they belong to the Sith- which is the dark side of the force in the Star Wars universe. 

This trend first appeared in Great Britain, in their 2001 census and became part of their official statistics.

Although not an official religion, this has become a popular identity which has spread to other countries- with many including themselves in the joke. 

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