November 17 in Prague: A Busy Day of Commemorative Events and Demonstrations

November 17 2021 prague

November 17 is a national holiday which will be commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the Velvet Revolution- known as the struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day and International Student Day. 

The Czech state holiday, also known as International Students Day, marks not only the Velvet Uprising in 1989 but also student protests in 1939

Large celebrations and events are traditionally held throughout the country, primarily in the capital Prague, which was the site of historical events in 1939 and 1989.

This year, the events will also commemorate 10 years since the death of dissident and former president Václav Havel.

The events will start at 9:00 with a commemorative event at Hlávek’s dormitory- followed by a reverential act in Žitná Street.

The centre of events and the main venue will be in the middle of Národní třída, which played an important role in the events of 1989, where citizens can place candles, wreaths, and flowers.

This year, Korzo Národní is also preparing many educational and artistic installations as well as an indoor program, where it will offer debates, talk shows and theatre performances. 

The program has been designed so visitors won’t gather in crowds but instead can walk at safe distances along the entire length of the street.

Dozens of buildings in state colours will be lit throughout the country and at 17:11, the song Prayer for Marta will be heard.

The jubilee’s tenth anniversary this year awaits a satirical carnival parade through Prague with the motto The Power of the Midnight.

As well as this, the prestigious Nation’s Memory Award ceremony will take place at the National Theatre in Prague, which recognizes personalities who have proven in their lives that honour, freedom, and human dignity are not just empty words.

The end of the holiday will traditionally take place on Wenceslas Square in Prague with a Concert for the Future, which will be attended by dozens of artists and speakers who will commemorate 10 years since the death of Václav Havel.

The public holiday will also see many demonstrations and political events taking place throughout the day.

With the slogan The Road to Change – The Key to Democracy is You, the Million Moments for Democracy Association is preparing a mass event at 1:30 pm in the Old Town Square.

At the same place, there will be demonstrations at 15:00 against the coronavirus restrictions.

If you are going to one of the events planned for November 17, be prepared to wear a respirator, to keep the distance and not to gather in large groups.  Also have proof of your immunity.


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