November 16: Theatre Night in Prague

Make a note in your diary: On November 16, 2019, you will have a unique chance to deepen the bond that already exists between you and artists, attend workshops, lectures, book signings or participate in discussions with directors or touring the backstage in small and big theatres.

The event has the potential to amplify the visibility of individual theatre venues and ensembles, but also to raise the profile of Czech theatre as a whole in the minds of the public.

This edition will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, bearing a subtitle called Theatre and Freedom. In Czechoslovakia, theatre played an important role in the political changes in the 1990s.

The reminder of political changes in Central and Eastern Europe invites the audiences to look back on ideals and hopes in the 1990s. The coordinator of the event is the Arts and Theatre Institute.

Theatre Night is organized within the European Theatre Night project, which was launched in Croatia in 2008. Last year, 109 institutions from 30 Czech and Moravian towns and cities participated in the project which was visited by 40.000 visitors.

In Prague, 52 theatres and ensembles prepared a program for visitors.

A recent survey of the European theatre audiences has confirmed that for Czechs theatre is a social event in the first place. The main motivation for going to the theatre is the desire to spend time with family and friends.

Czech Theater Night is part of the international European Theater Night project. The idea of a universal theater festival came to Children’s Theater Dubrava (Slovakia) and was eventually supported by a dozen European countries.

Theater Night in the Czech Republic is considered to be the most visited among others in Europe.


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