Icelandair is Launching Non-Stop Flight From Prague to Reykjavik

Icelandair is launching a non-stop flight from Prague to Reykjavik. Now the volcanoes, geothermal waters, and Northern Lights that attract thousands of tourists each year are at your fingertips.

If you travel this summer, you can even experience the midnight sun. Iceland lies over 2,500 kilometers from Prague but now you can travel there on a non-stop flight.

Iceland’s national air carrier, Icelandair, will launch a direct service between Prague and Reykjavik on Thursday, June 1st.

Flights from Václav Havel Airport will operate four times a week and will also make for speedier air connections to the United States. The route will be operated by a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft with a capacity of one hundred and sixty passengers.

The new route to Iceland will fly from Prague every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The line will also operate in autumn and winter after the summer schedule ends.

The airline has yet to release the days of the week flights will run during the autumn and winter seasons.

According to Jaroslav Filip, Director of Air Commerce at Prague Airport, the new direct connection will not only boost tourism to Iceland, but also provide an additional option to connect to other destinations in North America.

Passengers will be able to reach Boston, Chicago, Denver or Montreal in one transfer. The new route will also improve access to Greenland and Alaska.

“This is the first time we are offering scheduled flights to Prague, and we see great opportunities in convenient connections to and from North America. We can increase connectivity between the two markets and at the same time connect the people of Iceland and Prague,” Icelandair CEO Bogi Nils Bogason said at the launch of the new route in November.

According to Josef Trejbal, Director of Letuš, there has been a growing interest in travel to Iceland for a long time.

“Now that it will be very convenient to travel to Iceland, we can expect a further increase in demand for tickets to travel there,” he added.

During the summer flight schedule, which will be valid until the end of October, there will be direct flights from Prague Airport to 152 destinations. New direct routes to Gdansk, Bilbao, and Dubrovnik have been added, and a direct connection between Prague and New York has been operating again since May.

New flight paths from the Prague Airport have been growing in recent years. Flying to destinations in Europe like Portugal, Greece, and the United Kingdom have become easier.

Even outside of Europe, routes to Egypt on Air Cairo and Oman on Muscat Air, are available.

Passengers beginning their journey in Prague can even fly as far as South Korea on a non-stop service. You can learn more about these routes at the New destinations and carriers page.

Prague Airport aims to handle 13.5 million passengers this year, CEO Jiří Pos said recently.

Last year, the airport handled 10.7 million passengers, but that number was still below the 2019 numbers, when the airport handled 17.8 million passengers. The airport expects to return to these figures by 2026.

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