Festival of ‘Flying’ Breweries to Take Place for the First Time in Prague

nomad beer festival prague

Beer festivals are nothing new in the Czech Republic, but for the first time ever, a festival dedicated to ‘flying’ breweries will be held in the Czech Republic.

The Nomad Beer Festival will take place on September 10 and 11 in the Prague Market in Holešovice.

Mini-breweries have experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years, but starting your own is a huge investment for most connoisseurs. A shorter path to brewing your own beer lies through the so-called flying breweries.

“A ‘nomadic’ or ‘flying’ brewery – refers to a brewery without its own production facilities. They are usually backed by enthusiasts who either do not have enough funds to build their own brewery or, before investing in their own technology, want to know the process of brewing beer better. Therefore, they depend on the free capacity of classic stone breweries, in which they brew beer either themselves or with the assistance of a local brewer,” explained Jiří Sedláček, director of the Nomad Beer Festival.

This will be the first festival of this kind in the Czech Republic. “Since 2012, we have been supporting mini-breweries through the Pivo na Náplavce and Pivo v Tržnice festivals. But now is time to give “flying breweries” their own festival. By organizing one for the first time, we would like to show the nomad brewers that they have a crucial role in diversifying the domestic beer market and have a big potential to become classic big-scale breweries in the future,” said Jiří Sedláček.

The festival will start in the Prague Market Square on Friday, September 10 at 2 pm and will last until 10 pm. It will continue on Saturday when its gates will open earlier at 10 am and close again at 10 pm.

The festival and all accompanying performances will be free to enter. However, to taste test the beer, the purchase of our 0.3-litre glass mug is required. These mugs will be sold in a set with the festival degustation card and pencil for 100 Kč, or 70 Kč with a senior discount. You can use the same mug for both days of the festival.

Nomadic breweries will be the focus of the festival, but various stalls with snacks and beer delicacies will also be there.


  • Beerokracie
  • Beranův pivovar
  • Bitches Brew Company
  • Four Elements
  • HoppyHedgehog
  • Chmeloun létající pivovar
  • Pivovar Jeřábek
  • Pivovar Létající Bezdomovec
  • Pivovar Lípák
  • Pivovar Lončák
  • Pivovar Potmehúd (bude jen v pátek)
  • Pivovar Prosecký Jiřík
  • Pivovar Strašák
  • Psychovar
  • Rampelník
  • WildCock
  • Žacký pivovar Auersperg


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