Node5 Coworking Spaces: A Space to Grow

node5 prague coworking

Are you a young entrepreneur? Perhaps you work in a start-up? Is working from home just not working for you?

Then Node5 by headmade offers you a solution. From young and ambitious professionals, dedicated and experienced senior employees, to nomads and freelancers, Node5 provides coworking spaces located in the business hub neighborhood of Smíchov (Prague 5).

Node5 boasts a multifaceted and dynamic co-working space environment, giving professionals many options to choose from. Additionally, if you are looking to be as productive and efficient as possible, Node5 offers snacks, drinks, and the company’s staff will even order food for you, at your request.

node5 prague

Depending on what is best suited for your needs, the different options Node5 provides are tailored for a diverse clientele (all offers are available to see on their website):

  • The ‘Working through the day’ offer is suited for freelancers and small teams. Professionals can sit in an ‘open space’, designed to be shared with other professionals, and this option costs 1300 czk/month (+21% VAT).
  • The ‘24/7 Grab a seat’ offer is designed for professionals who work irregular hours, such as working in the night-time, as Node5’s coworking spaces remain open 24/7. This option will cost you 1900 czk monthly (+21% VAT).
  • The ‘24/7 Dedicated Desk’ offer provides you with your own desk, in a much quieter zone than the standard open space provided in the other offers. This option is designed for those who need more privacy. If you choose this offer, you can access the ‘member’s kitchen’. It costs 2900 czk monthly (+21% VAT).
  • The ’10 day pass’ offers professionals the chance to work at Node5 ten days a month, and the membership lasts for a year. Users can spread out their hours to their convenience. This option lets you use the open space during the working hours of Node5’s reception. It costs 990 czk (+21% VAT).
  • The ‘One time entry’ lets you use Node5’s facilities once. It operating during the working hours of their reception. Users can work in the open space area. It costs 200czk.
  • Node5 has 12 offices, ranging from smaller offices of 8 m2 to offices as large as 40 m2. professionals can try the ‘Office 24/7’ offer which has a lot of perks including: 24/7 entry, use of the open space, your own office, meeting rooms, internet connection, printer, scanner, access to the coffee bar, and member’s kitchen. Contact Node5 for price details.
  • Clients have the possibility to obtain residency for their company for 850 czk a month (+21% VAT).
  • Node 5 also offers a meeting room from 300 CZK + VAT per hour to event space for 150 people for 2000 CZK per hour

node5 prague coworking

Node5 is open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Members who have memberships that have 24/7 access can bypass these hours.

Coworking spaces are proving to be indispensable during these times of Covid-19, so if you want to get in touch with Node5, you can reach them by email at, or by phone at 420 778 520 505. You can also check out their website

Node5 is located in Prague 5, Radlická 180/50.

node5 prague coworking space

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