No Fatalities Between Prague Trams and Pedestrians in 2021

For the second time in the last 16 years, there were no fatalities between Prague trams and pedestrians. 

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) will publish more detailed statistics in 2021 next week.

Accidents between Prague trams and pedestrians fell significantly in 2020. DPP registered 47 incidents. The vast majority ended up with minor pedestrian injuries and only three with severe ones.

Only three accidents involved children, almost 62% were caused by men, 10% more than in 2019.

DPP recorded a total of 11 cases of collisions between trams and foreigners, who had a significant share in the total number of collisions. In 2016 and 2017 they were involved in 24% of the total accidents, in 2018 in 29%, in 2019 in 22% and in 2020 in more than 23%.

Quick reminder: as a pedestrian in Prague, you always have the right of the way. The only exception is trams, which must be given priority by both drivers and pedestrians. That’s why often there will be a sign on the crosswalk “POZOR TRAM” warning you of trams!

New app to help prevent tram accidents

POZOR TRAMVAJ! is a new app developed by the company Safe Public Transport.

Its Bluetooth-based system sends out warning signals about approaching trams to users of mobile devices and could help prevent frequent accidents involving pedestrians and public transport in cities.

The pilot operation run until the end of June this year. DPP will evaluate therefore decide whether to install the transmission equipment in all our trams.

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