Night Train Prague-Brussels Among “Best New Things to Do in 2022”

Night Train Prague-Brussels

A new night train between Prague and Brussels has been ranked by TimeOut among the 22 best new things to do in the world in 2022.

Put together by the magazine’s global network of editors, travel writers and contributing journalists, the list “features the 22 very best experiences, events and new openings in the world in 2022”.

The new connection has been described as “the biggest extension to Europe’s night-train network in years will see a new batch of sleeper trains run by the Regiojet network taking travellers across Europe between Prague and Brussels via Dresden, Berlin and Amsterdam. Doze off in magnificent Prague, then wake up 800 kilometres away in EU capital and waffle-and-beer-paradise Brussels. Spurred on by the climate emergency, it’s part of a huge continent-wide drive to revive the good old-fashioned sleeper.”

The project looks to capitalize on an uptick in demand for climate-friendly travel and EU efforts to shift passengers from polluting short-haul flights to comparatively clean trains.

The trains will offer travelling both on seats and in sleeping compartments and have full RegioJet on-board service – including free internet access, free coffee, and other services.

European Sleeper is a community-based initiative established in February 2021. The company was founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs who are committed to the cause: Elmer van Buuren of Train2EU and Chris Engelsman of Noord West Express.


Expansion of RegioJet

The plan to open this new connection is also part of RegioJet strong expansion in the night connections segment. In addition to already existing night trains on the route Prague – Košice (Slovakia), or Prague – Rijeka / Split (Croatia), RegioJet will also launch new night train service on the route Prague – Przemyśl – Lviv this year.

RegioJet is therefore investing in further growth of its long-distance train fleet. It has currently taken over the first two of the fifteen Bombardier TRAXX MS3 multi-system locomotives from the manufacturer.

In addition to the 50 railway coaches that the company acquired recently, at least another 70 coaches will be added in 2022. This will mean a further increase in the fleet of up to more than one-third to 300 coaches for day and night long-distance connections.

In addition to the Prague – Berlin – Amsterdam – Brussels connection, RegioJet and European Sleeper plan to develop further night train connections on other routes in Central Europe together.

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