NGOs for Expats: Where to Look for Help?

NGOs for Expats: Where to Look for Help?

As a foreigner in Prague, you may feel alone in your struggles and find it hard to reach out for help. The language might be an obstacle for you and you don’t know where to look for much-needed advice. 

These organizations provide a variety of services, including social consulting, interpreting and translating, or legal services. Most services are provided free of charge or for a symbolic fee only.

Integration Centre Prague

The Integration Centre Prague (ICP) is a public service company that was founded by the city of Prague. This non-profit organisation offers consultancy services for all kinds of problems facing expats in Prague, including professional counselling in difficult life situations by trained social workers.

They offer legal and social counselling, Czech language courses, interpreting and accompaniment, and moreover, organize various online and offline community events, such as workshops about life in Prague or language clubs in a number of world languages.

CIC – Center for the Integration of Foreigners

The Centre for the Integration of Foreigners helps immigrants integrate into Czech society by connecting newcomers with the “old residents”. They encourage the social engagement of expats, help them understand the language, local customs, Czech society and its functioning. Moreover, they seek to influence the overall social and legislative environment so that it is more accessible, fairer and more supportive of immigrants’ social participation and integration.

CIC Prague offers social and employment counselling, help with reintegration into the labour market in case of unemployment, Czech language courses, including online courses and e-learning, or provides an opportunity to take part in volunteering activities here.

Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI)

SIMI is a human rights non-profit organization that has been defending the rights of migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic since 1992. They work with the general public to develop tolerance, combat xenophobia and racism and provide free legal, social and psychosocial counselling to foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Moreover, this association offers therapeutic counselling in Czech, English and Russian to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation, including victims of uncomfortable or troublesome prejudices.

Within the key areas of integration, migration and asylum in the Czech Republic, SIMI specifically deals with issues of gender equality, domestic violence, support for senior migrants and the development of inclusiveness of cities and municipalities.


InBáze is another voluntary organisation that focuses on making the life of expats in Prague easier. It offers legal and social counselling, psychological counselling, interpreting and accompaniment services, Czech language courses, regular programs for children and youth and, in general, help for people in need. Moreover, in addition to education and counselling services, InBáze offers multicultural groups for women, lecture evenings, Ethnocatering social business services and the opportunity to participate as a volunteer. Their staff speaks Czech, Russian, English, French, Uzbek, German and Spanish.

Prague Integration

Prague Integration is a team of mental health professionals, legal experts and independent business advisors working to make expats feel at home in the city. Along with legal services and various workshops, they offer mental health counselling, either in groups or individually, support groups for cancer patients and caregivers and LGBTQ+ support groups.

Modrá linka (Blue line)

Modrá linka is a crisis hotline with a long tradition in the Czech Republic. It now offers help for English speakers. Psychological assistance is mostly offered via telephone, Skype, e-mail and chat. However, consultations in person are possible only in Brno. Therefore, the easiest way to connect is to write your requests to and you will receive an answer within 72 hours.

Via: Prague for Expats


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