New Year’s Video-Mapping on the National Museum Confirmed

Prague will welcome the New Year on January 1st, 2020 with a video-mapping show on the facade of the National Museum.

“The video mapping will last ten minutes and is called My, Praha. The show will be screened at the National Museum building and will be repeated three times every hour; the first screening will start at 6:15 pm,” Vít Hofman, spokesman for Prague City Hall

“It is a helpful step not only for all citizens of the metropolis who are sensitive to excessive noise but also for animals that face unnecessary stress every year,” Prague City Councilor Jan Chabr said.

Earlier this year, some 15,500 people signed a petition to regulate fireworks operation. They were most concerned about the impact of noisy firefighters and firecrackers on children and animals.

Meanwhile, the new association Ohňostroj pro Prahu (Fireworks for Prague) wants to preserve the fireworks tradition: “Fireworks have been, are and will be,” says Martin Peter, designer, and choreographer of the last five years fireworks in Prague.”

“I would like to give every citizen the feeling that Prague belongs to the people themselves,” explains the association’s director Šaršoun. “I believe that people are interested in fireworks, so we leave the financing to their will. Every citizen of Prague, Czech citizen or organization can contribute to our transparent account with any amount and help save a part of our country’s culture.”

However, only 40,000 CZK has been collected in the bank account. Organizers need at least 5 million CZK.

Last year’s show on Jan. 1 lasted 10 minutes and 52 seconds and cost some Kč 1.7 million, which was higher than the recent average of Kč 1 million for the shows. The theme was the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

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