New Year's Fireworks in Prague – All You Need to Know

Prague´s New Year´s Eve fireworks display 2019 along the river Vltava is a hugely popular event and will take place in January, 1st from 6 pm and the city will pay about Kč 1 million.

The best locations to watch fireworks:

  • Prague bridges (Čechův, Manes, Stefanikuv)
  • Dvorak’s waterfront
  • Pařížská street
  • Petřín hill
  • Letná
  • Riegrovy sady
  • Vítkov

The entire fireworks display will take 10 minutes 47 seconds and will include music and laser show.  The theme of the fireworks show is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The show will be accompanied by songs from Rolling Stones, Beatles, Marta Kubišová, etc.

The fireworks celebrate one more anniversary, which falls directly on Jan. 1. It is 26 years since the establishment of the independent Czech Republic.

We do not recommend this option for families or those who are afraid of fireworks. Czechs love to set fireworks, and with a beer in one hand and a lighter in the other, you can expect that many fireworks being set off the street, therefore not 100% safe.

Head away from the main crowds and find your place on one of the nearby bridges. Charles Bridge is very popular as well as Petrin Hill or the river bank like Kampa Park. Alternatively, opt for an indoor option, where you will surely be safer and warmer. Reservations are essential and will be pricier than average.

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