New Year's Eve Fireworks in Prague Cancelled

The City of Prague has canceled its fireworks on New Year’s Eve replacing them by video mapping.

We are talking about the fireworks held annually on the evening of January 1.

“This is a step towards not only the citizens who are sensitive to loud noise, but also animals that are subjected to unnecessary stress. I am sure that everyone will like the new form of the New Year’s tradition,” said Prague City Councilor Jan Chabr (TOP 09).

Last year’s show on Jan. 1 lasted 10 minutes and 52 seconds and cost some Kč 1.7 million, which was higher than the recent average of Kč 1 million for the shows. The theme was the Velvet Revolution of 1989. 

The previous administration also explored silent fireworks but found they are suited to much smaller shows such as garden parties. Light shows with drones, though, have already taken place for example in Warsaw, Poland.

Many people have complaints not about the large organized show on January 1 at 6 pm, but the disorganized use of fireworks on midnight on December 31, and the use of random fireworks starting around Christmas. People, in particular, say it disturbs pets, who have acute hearing.

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