There’s a New Version of Smartphone App eRouška

The Ministry of Health has released a new version of eRouška, the app for mobile phones that has been developed to use BlueTooth to track all users of the app with whom you come into contact with.

The new version of the application anonymously warns the user that may have met an infected person. eRouška is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Once the users give their permission to the app, phones with activated Bluetooth service can let one another know when they meet. The eRouška application then saves anonymized data into the owner’s phone about mobile devices with the same application which were recently in its vicinity.

The app only records time, proximity, and anonymous identifier. It does not know the user’s location and determines the information only based on Bluetooth LE and the Apple/Google proximity protocol.

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The new version is able to run constantly in the background and does not drain the phone’s battery as much as before. “It is an automatic tool that can help us even in the event of an extremely strong wave of the epidemic. eRouška 2.0 is a very good addition to the entire Smart Quarantine system,” said Petr Šnajdárek, who represents the military in the Smart Quarantine project.

If a user’s coronavirus test comes back positive, the phone data can then be used to send anonymized identification numbers of other applications to health officers during an epidemiologic investigation.

If once again the user gives permission, only authorized health officers will be able to pair individual identification numbers with phone numbers entered during the registration and then contact potentially infected citizens.

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The app is a part of Czech Smart Quarantine concept and a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic. Every single user increases its overall effectiveness. It is strongly recommended to install the app and encourage others to do likewise.
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