New Vaccine Heading Towards Czech Republic 

Novavax czech republic

Many people in the Czech Republic are double vaccinated, with a large percentage of the population already additionally vaccinated with their booster.

This booster has been dominant, and there has been significant encouragement for those to receive it – especially those in risky and dangerous categories. 

The government believes that a new vaccine from Novavax could provide a better force of protection, however, sociological data shows that this might not be the case and there is not much room for improvement. 

The Ministry of Health estimates that there are almost half a million citizens over the age of 60 who still have not been vaccinated.

The government has been trying to reduce this number for quite some time, but the figures have not moved significantly. 

Vlastimil Válka, Minister of Health, predicts that this situation will change with the introduction of the new vaccine from Novavax. He believes that this will persuade thousands more people to become vaccinated.

The State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL), informs that the new vaccine from Novavax is a so-called protein vaccine, which is different from all of the previous vaccines offered before. 

This new vaccine will be offered to adults only and will serve as a baseline for all vaccinations in the future for the Czech Republic. 

Vaccines in trials were given in two doses. Studies which test out this new vaccine show that out of 45,000 participants in USA, Mexico and the United Kingdom, there is an average of 90% decrease in the disease. 

Novavax have already found positive results in testing against the Alpha, Beta and Delta variant, and is now working on evaluating its efforts in fighting the newest Omicron variant. 

It is estimated with the introduction of this new vaccine, those vaccinated will increase to 85%.

The new vaccine will begin to run in February and March here in the Czech Republic, and registration of interest in this will start in around fourteen days.

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