New Study Revelas Prague as Smart City Leader

A new study published by Mendel University in Brno revealed that Prague is the most-advanced smart city in the Czech Republic.

In 2016, Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) introduced a series of new projects dedicated to Smart Prague (SP). 

“Digitization and the Smart Prague project was one of the main priorities for us and it has yielded great results. A city that is driven by data is managed more efficiently and better. For example, we launched the Golemio data platform, which collects and evaluates data. The Smart Town Agenda was directly under the authority of Mayor Krnáčová and it started very well,” says Radomír Nepil, deputy chairman of the ANO movement.

Prague Golemio’s data platform is presented as an example of good practice in the analysis. The platform also makes key public data available. (We can now find the so-called real-time data from parkomats and virtual parking hours on

Through records of all payment transactions, you can get information about how many cars, where and when the parking space was paid. Prague was among others evaluated in the analysis as the city that is best in complex and systematic work with urban data in the city’s management.

The pilot project “Energy savings using EPC”, which aims to achieve EPC energy savings on selected buildings owned by the Capital City of Prague, will implement the concept of SP and apply measures that will aim at more efficient operation of buildings and increase the comfort of their internal environment. For this project, Prague was awarded the second prize at the 8th edition of the competition organized by the Association of Energy Service Providers.

Thanks to this Prague project, the electricity, gas, heat and water consumption in selected buildings will be reduced by at least 11 percent. In the SP concept, Prague defined a total of six key areas for the development of smart and innovative solutions in the capital city and one of them is the area devoted to the issue of smart buildings and energy in the urban environment. 

Other areas where the introduction of modern technologies should have the most significant positive impacts on the life of Prague citizens are mobility, wasteless city, attractive tourism, people and the urban environment and data area.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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