New Sensational Exhibits at The Museum of Senses

Awaken your senses with five brand-new exhibits at well-known Prague attraction: Museum of Senses.

The Museum of Senses, located in the city center of Prague on Jindrisska 20, is upgrading its exhibits to create an even more unique experience for its visitors.

The museum offers an experience to discover and challenge your senses through a series of optical illusions and fun activities. An entertaining experience for kids and adults where education and fun come together.

The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00 and encourages everyone to take their camera and capture their adventure.

The five new exhibits that will be added to the museum’s collection are a mix of upgraded work and new additions; some already finished, some still a work in progress.

From the first 2D room in Prague, to a brand-new infinity tunnel, and a perspective-changing activity; the new exhibits seem to be a promising addition for visitors to enjoy. The popular exhibit ‘bed of nails’ also got an upgrade to make the pictures and videos even more memorable.

Soon, a new mirror maze will be constructed at the entry of the museum for you to make an extra special entrance into this sensational adventure!

Despite the new changes to the museum, most of the other exhibits still remain for new visitors to enjoy. Chief Executive Officer Gabrijela mentions the ‘staple room’ as one of her favorites,

“The building that the museum is in is very old and even under UNESCO protection. One of the things many visitors don’t know is that the ‘staple room’ exhibit actually used to be a staple room in the old days, and some of the decorations are preserved from that time. It took the artist 3 months to finish painting 3D elements in this amazing room.”

The Museum of Senses encourages everyone to take out their cameras and take as many pictures as possible.

“We want visitors to capture their memories,” Gabrijela explains. It is safe to say the museum is one of the most Instagramable places in Prague with their exhibits always being camera-ready.

The five new exhibits are promising additions to the collection and provide a fresh experience, to new visitors as well as regulars.

The Museum of Senses remains a strong recommendation to anyone open to discovery and fun!

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