New Rules Announced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Summer Vacation Traveling

As countries begin to open up their borders, vacation plans are already underway for many.  Those looking to travel abroad for the summer holiday must refer to the new travel rules from the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The guidelines for traveling abroad have officially been valid starting  April 26.

Prospective travelers planning their summer trips are encouraged to refer to the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There you can find everything you would need to know regarding entering other countries and what is required upon entry.

It is important to keep in mind that each country has their own requirements for entry and these requirements can change from day to day as conditions are constantly changing.

Some countries will only require travelers to show negative covid tests and other destinations will require a quarantine upon entry.

Countries like Croatia and Greece are already anticipating a successful tourism season this summer and merely require a negative PCR test, proof of vaccination, or antigen confirmation for those crossing their borders.

Those returning to the Czech Republic will be required to take a PCR test as soon as they arrive.

Travelers returning from designated low-risk countries will not have any restrictions once returned. Those coming from medium-risk or higher-risk countries must fill out an arrival form and take either an antigen test within 24 hours or a PCR test within 72 hours of their return.

Travelers are once again encouraged to refer to the Foreign Affairs website to see where their destination ranks in terms of risk level and plan accordingly.

As expected, respirators will also be required onboard throughout the duration of all flights.

The long-awaited “vaccine passports” from the European Union still have yet to be introduced to the general public but those who have been vaccinated should have received a written confirmation after completing their second shot.

In March, EU Commissioner Thierry Breton explained how the vaccine passports would work for travelers.

“It has a QR code with your condition. It will show if you are immune if you have antibodies,” “You’ll also be able to do that once you’ve got the vaccine.”

As the Czech Republic carries on with vaccination efforts, we can expect to see restrictions begin to loosen throughout the course of the summer tourist season.

Some exceptions will be made regarding the new travel rules. These exemptions can be found at the Ministry of Health website.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also lists contact information for those with specific questions left unanswered by their website.

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