New Research Revealed What Czechs Dream About The Most

New research has uncovered the most common thing Czechs are dreaming about when they’re asleep at night and it’s honestly super relatable.

Using Google search data, bedding company Secret Linen Store found that the most common thing to dream about in the Czech Republic is… dogs.

Secret Linen Store used Google search data to find out what the most commonly searched-for dream meaning was in over 180 countries across over 390 dream subjects.

As dreams are often our worries or deepest thoughts emerging, a few eventful years have clearly led to more active minds during sleep, resulting in people turning to Google to find out the meaning behind their dreams.

  • The world is dreaming about dogs the most with it topping the list of 19 countries
  • Snakes, cats, fish and mice also make up the most commonly dreamt about animals
  • The Czech Republic’s most common dream is about dogs, this is the most common dream globally

What Do The Most Common Dreams Mean? 

Ranking as the most common dream globally, dreams about our canine pals are often related to themes of loyalty and protection regarding our relationships. Perhaps it’s whether someone is looking out for us, or is a threat to us – judged by how friendly the dog in the specific dream is.

However, residents of countries that include the UK, France and Switzerland bring things even closer to home than the family dog, as they’re among the 18 countries that dream most frequently of being pregnant. Dreams about being pregnant are often linked with experiencing something new in your life, and hint that you are growing as a person.

Other animals that featured in the most common global dreams are cats, fish, mice and spiders. If, like in countries such as Poland and Bulgaria, cats are often appearing in your dreams, then it could mean that someone is deceiving you as cats are said to be associated with bad fortune and deception. Whereas if it’s fish that are featuring in your night time adventures, then it may mean that you are moving towards a challenging or difficult situation.

Relationship-related dreams are also quite common, with dreams about exes common in Mexico and Japan. If you’re dreaming about an ex-partner, then it could be a sign of healing (if they are a recent breakup) with your subconscious trying to help you process your feelings and move on. If you’re dreaming about an old flame, it could be a symbol of passion and that you’re looking for more excitement in your life. If marriage features regularly in your dreams, like Greek and Kenyan residents, it’s not necessarily a sign you want to be married, instead symbolising your commitment to something whether that’s a new job, finding a new friendship, or taking on a new hobby.

Other top dreams are teeth falling out, driving and gardening. Dreaming about teeth falling out may denote feelings of self-doubt, frustration, or fear, and this particular dream was most common for residents of New Zealand and Samoa. If like residents of Ethiopia, driving is featuring regularly in your dreams, it’s thought to signify how in control of your life you feel and how close you are to your goals.


Worldwide search data analysed by Secret Linen Store in February 2022 using Google Keyword planner. Each country’s most common dream was found using annual search data in each country for each dream type from a seed list of 392 common dream subjects. *Not all countries provided enough search data to be featured – only countries with enough data to analyse were included.

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