There Will be a New Protest in Prague Today

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Protesters will gather once again in central Prague today, January 29, to challenge restrictions adopted to combat the Covid-19 spread.

The Chcípl PES initiative (PES/DOG Croaked), — the name refers to the government’s “PES” five-level coronavirus alert system – which brings together entrepreneurs who do not agree with the government’s anti-epidemic measures, is preparing a demonstration in Prague today.

They want to block government buildings from three o’clock in the afternoon. The organizers will publish more details of the protest on social networks at 2 pm.

“It will be a simple and non-violent protest. We will block some government buildings,” said Jiří Janeček from the Malý Janek brewery.

The is the last of several protests organized by Chcípl PES.

Last Saturday, protesters called on to open pubs, restaurants, and other businesses. On January 10, organized a demonstration in Prague’s Old Town Square, which drew up to 3,000 people to Old Town Square.

On January 3rd, hundreds of protesters gathered in Prague with empty beer glasses to rally against the closing of pubs and restaurants in the country.

The demonstrators, many of whom work in the hospitality industry, lit candles inside beer glasses and set them in a line stretching about a kilometer from the city center to government buildings.

Chcípl PES initiative plans to establish a political party Otevřeme Česko (Open Czechia). According to restaurateur Jiří Janeček, partnering restaurants, pubs and shops will become places for political party’s meetings, which will make them exempt from COVID-19 related measures.

The Czech Government has decided to close food services and hotels in the country since December 18 due to a rapid spike in COVID-19 cases.

Restaurants are currently allowed to sell take-away food and drinks through windows, but the gastronomic industry in the Czech Republic is still losing approximately CZK 414 million in sales every day due to the closure.

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