Renovation Project of “City Wall Promenade” Has Been Approved

The area of Revoluční, náměstí Republiky, Na Příkopě, 28. října and Národní streets in the center of Prague is to become a uniform boulevard and shopping street.

A two-sided row of trees should be created along the entire length, and trams could run again between Na Perštýně and náměstí Republiky in the future.

The study was prepared by the Aoc studio. Designing will begin in the summer, physically the area should gradually begin to change in two years, starting on Revoluční.

The project aims to support the expansion of Prague’s main promenade shopping street from the currently defined section of Jungmannovo náměstí – náměstí Republiky to the entire area from Legií Bridge to Štefánikův Bridge.

“This is one of the busiest and also the most important cultural and social centers of Prague, however nowadays the space is oversaturated with unsightly advertising, the overwhelming majority overloaded with automobile traffic both in motion and parked cars in the streets. The study offers a solution to all these problems. There will also be a reconstruction of surfaces, repair and addition of new furniture or placement of greenery,” said Deputy Mayor for Territorial Development Petr Hlaváček (TOP 09).

The goal of the concept is to restore the dignity of a metropolitan boulevard to such an important commercial artery of Prague, to ensure favorable conditions for non-motorized and mass transport, to support a healthy economy, and above all to create a high-quality public space.

“Part of the concept is also a proposal for a tram line that will connect the Náměstí Republiky, Národní třída and Muzeum stops. The tram ran here until 1985,” recalled the Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě).

“Most of the locals complained about the disastrous effects of mass tourism, the quality and offer of services and spaces. Many architectural elements or furniture are beyond their useful life,” said Ondřej Boháč, director of the IPR.

The transformation of Revoluční street is a separate part. It should be completed in 2024. In addition to wider sidewalks and the removal of barriers, there will be two dozen new trees.

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