New Prague Metro Line to Receive Construction Approval 

metro d prague

A geological survey has been conducted by the Prague Transport Company (DPP) on the construction of the D Metro Line.

So far, this has cost the DPP a total of 1.82 billion CZK, an expensive but vital investment to the city. There are plans to implement more construction to this line in the areas from Pankrác to Olbrachtova which is waiting approval.

“We have finished one stage of the planning, but are waiting for approval for the main construction by the Ministry of Transport soon,” said Adam Scheinherr, Prague Deputy Mayor.

The survey took place in four locations around the city, which has been ongoing since August 2020. “This was done to make sure that there were no unexpected adjustments to be made when the project began,” said Petr Witowski, CEO of DPP. 

The next area to be completed is the Pankrác area, where digging has already begun. This section will be a transfer between the C and D lines.

Already, this project has cost the DPP more than expected. It was estimated that this would cost in the region of 1.6 billion CZK, however, has already exceeded by 200,000 CZK.

“The budget exceeded on the project as we realized that with the Mining Authority, there was extra work to be done which would be more sustainable for the future,” Witowski said. 

The specific date of when the main part of the construction has not been decided yet, as the permit has not been confirmed yet- but is estimated to be in a couple of weeks.

The Ministry of Transport says: “we are hoping to receive the permit in the coming weeks so we can kick start the project into operation by early spring.”

It is hoped that this project will appeal to the new government in Prague, and receive investment towards the project. 

Pavel Vyhnánek, economist, deputy mayor of the City of Prague, said: “The investment of the metro line is a vital part in keeping city travel efficient and cooperating with the people of Prague in their everyday lives.”

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