There’s a New Massive Mural in Karlín

Over 120 meters of surface, three and a half days of work, seventy cans of paint. The new mural in Karlín is ready.

In Křižíkova Street, the artist Michal Škapa completed a giant mural on the facade of house number 61.

It is the second mural that appeared on the streets of Prague as part of the Wall Street Festival. Three more will be added to the city during the summer, one of which will again be created by Skapa alias Tron.

“I really liked the wall here, so I wanted to do create something new. It was a great wall for a more detailed painting like this. I am glad that it is in Karlín, in this great location. It’s a very busy street and I have a personal relationship with that place,” Škapa said.

He started work on the forklift on Monday, and finished it on Thursday. “We start at night and use a projector to outline the reference points in one color on the wall. The next day, we started painting and coating, making shapes, adding other elements,” Škapa described, adding that he used about seventy cans of paint for the mural.

During the Wall Street festival, which lasts until the end of September, Škapa will create one more work on Moskevská Street in Vršovice. People will be able to watch him at work from August 29.

About the artist

Michal Škapa / Tron (1978) is one of the most significant authors associated with the Czech graffiti scene. He belongs to the strong generation of writers of the 1990s and has been one of its leaders for a long time. He was one of the authors associated with the legendary Trafo Gallery in Prague, and he cooperates with Meet Factory where he has had his own studio for eleven years.

As an artist, he works with various media and formats, from murals, acrylic manuscript abstraction and airbrush figurative compositions to site-specific installations and spatial objects. He also works as a graphic designer. He has participated in several major presentations.

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