New Minister of Health to Propose Exemptions for Mask-Wearing While Outside

face masks czechia

“The requirement to wear face masks outside will most likely be lifted during the summer months,” said today on CNN Prima News the new Minister of Health, Petr Arenberger.

The government wants to revise the rules so that face coverings do not need to be worn while in public if a safe distance can be maintained.

Arenberger also explained the next steps to tackle the pandemic in the country.

“We agree that getting children back to school is a priority. In addition, parents should be able to buy clothes, and shoes for their kids in stores,” he added.

Regarding the face masks, Arenberberg cited Germany as an example, where last summer most states required residents to wear face masks or coverings only in shops, grocery stores, and shopping malls, as well as on local public transportation.

Berlin was the only state where masks were not required in shops and supermarkets, but rather “strongly recommended.”

“A similar system could work here as well,” Arenberger said.

In February, the Ministry of Health ordered the wearing of KN95 or FFP2 type respirators, and nano-filtered face masks in public transport and other public places.

Homemade cloth masks, including bandanas and the like, are officially deemed insufficient to protect other people in close proximity – even while outdoors – and are actually forbidden.

Children of up to 15 years of age are not required wear such respirators, as smaller ones that fit are largely unavailable.

Latest statistics

The health ministry recorded 7,015 new COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, down from 7,255 on the same day last week.

In total, 1.568 million infections have been recorded since March 2020. The official death toll has reached 27,466, rising by 137 on the day, which also includes revisions to previous days, according to ministry data.



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