New Government Measures Drastically Reduced Interest in New Year’s Eve in Prague

Since the new government restrictions have been introduced in the Czech Republic, involving the abolition of Christmas markets or restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants and bars, interest in New Year’s Eve stays in Prague has dramatically decreased.

The operators of accommodation establishments and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic (AHR) reported that people have not been registering new reservations- they are instead waiting for the situation to develop.

AHR President Václav Stárek says that the government should state as soon as possible what restrictions will apply at the end of the year.

According to Stárek, after the declaration of a state of emergency, which applies until December 25, and new restrictions, there has been many booking cancellations, especially from abroad.

The manager of the Bauer Hotel Group, Jakub Svačina, has recorded a decrease in reservations of tens of percent since the new restrictions were announced.

“At present, there are no new reservations for New Year’s Eve, potential clients from abroad and the Czech Republic are certainly waiting for the restrictions,” added Ivana Peterková, CEO of Prague Hotels – Chateau St. Havel.

Many in the hotel business are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the restrictions that will apply on New Year’s Eve.

At this moment in time, it is very difficult to estimate what the demand will be in the end.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Jiří Krejčí, vice-president of the Czech Association of Landlords and Private Landlords, there was always a great interest in private accommodation every year over the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve.

The current circumstances are also making it very difficult to estimate how many landlords will open their apartment for the Christmas holidays and the New Year.

At present, only people with completed vaccinations and those who have suffered from covid-19 in the last six months can use accommodation services for recreational purposes.

Catering establishments, clubs and bars must be closed at 10 pm, and alcohol consumption is prohibited in public.

This does not apply to restaurant interiors.

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