Prague Announces New Fireworks Restrictions

The City of Prague bans the use of pyrotechnics in selected places on New Year’s Eve (December 31) and New Year’s celebrations on January 1st.

Prague has banned the use of firecrackers, bangers, rockets, and other explosive material in parks, protected areas, around watercourses (islands, dams, or dikes), at the Prague Zoo, and nearby retirement homes for seniors.

“Every year we treat hundreds of injured animals and now we want to prevent this,” said Petr Hlubuček, Deputy Mayor of Prague for the environment, infrastructure, technical equipment, and safety.

The draft decree was approved today by Prague councilors. It will apply from 1 December.

For the first time in many years, Prague City Hall will not welcome next year with fireworks. This time, however, due to the coronavirus, there will not be any alternative light performances. By doing this, the municipality will save about CZK 2 million in its crisis-laden budget.

Another reason is that the city cannot predict the hygiene restrictions that may be imposed during the winter season.

The previous administration also explored silent fireworks but found they are suited to much smaller shows such as garden parties. Light shows with drones, though, have already taken place for example in Warsaw, Poland.

This action makes Prague no exception, but rather the follower of a tendency. Motivated by similar concerns, several German cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich introduced legislation restricting the use of fireworks last year. Similar motivation led to the fireworks show to be banned in the centre of Amsterdam in 2019.


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