New Exhibition Brings Impressionist Masterpieces to Prague

The National Gallery Prague (NGP) opened a large exhibition French Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Ordrupgaard Collection with 60 works including Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pissarro on June 29 in the Kinsky Palace.

The display will show also artistic overlaps with other artistic tendencies. Romantic painting will be represented by Eugène Delacroix and the realistic method by Gustave Courbet or the artists of the so-called Barbizon school, such as Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot and Charles-François Daubigny. The outstanding works from the collection of sixty paintings will also include chef d’oeuvres by post-Impressionists Paul Cézanne and Paul Gauguin.

Since autumn 2017, Ordrupgaard’s unique collection of French art has been touring outside the borders of Denmark. The museum is closed, and the French masterpieces have therefore been available for loan to a large number of prominent museums abroad.

Curators: Petr Šámal, Petra Kolářová

More information here

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