New Design for Vítězné náměstí Features a Large Monument in the Centre 

Prague has chosen the new design for Vítězné náměstí, which will be dominated by a tall obelisk in the centre. The winning proposal moves the tram from the centre of the square to the edge, and the roundabout will be hidden by an alley of trees. 

The Architectural competition of the Institute of Planning and Development of the City of Prague (IPR) was won by Pavel Hnilička Architects.

The revitalisation of the square is based on Antonín Engel’s original urban plans in the 1920s, in which Engel counted on the location of the monument being in the centre of the square. 

“I am pleased that we managed to choose a design that continues to reference urban architect Antonín Engel and offers more possibilities for citizens. Especially a more pleasant movement of pedestrians across the square,said Petra Kolínská, Deputy Mayor.

The new design envisions the installation of a new open space in front of the Faculty of Engineering at CTU. Farmers’ Markets and other events will likely move to the centre of the square, and according to the approved proposal, the trams will be moved to the western edge of the square. 

According to the IPR, the proposed transport solution would be able to take more cars than it does today, while also allowing for smoother passage. The current poor traffic conditions should also be improved with the new roundabout which will be approached from two lanes. The roundabout itself will be separated from the centre of the square by a tree-lined avenue. 

At the same time as the revitalisation of the square, there is also the planned construction of underground parking near Technická Street.

The proposal will be finalised and the plans could be implemented within the next five years.

Author: Holly Webb

Photo: IPR

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