New Covid Portal to “Clearly Communicate, Explain Measures” Just Launched

Clearly communicate and explain current and future anti-coronavirus measures. This is the main goal of the new Czech Covid Portal website, which was launched in a pilot version on Friday evening.

The website was created following the initiative of the Czech Republic’s youngest MP Dominik Feri (TOP 09). Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) supported the project two weeks ago. Volunteers from Česko.Digital – a community of software developers and other experts – also joined the new platform.

Everyone will be able to go online to that portal and find a summary of current measures as well as options for what they can do in different life situations.

The website includes an overview of compensation programs for entrepreneurs and employees affected by the coronavirus crisis, describing, for example, the rules for weddings, funerals, or travel during the epidemic.

The platform is available both in Czech and English.

The impetus for the creation of the website came from MP Dominik Feri (TOP 09) in the Chamber of Deputies when he pointed out that the government-imposed restrictions were written in “legalese”.

The portal was created in two weeks under the leadership of Vladimír Dzurilla, director of the National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies, in cooperation with Feri and volunteers from Česko.Digital.

According to Eva Pavlíková from Česko.Digital, “the possibility of integrating the website into eRouška app is also planned for the future”.

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